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Dogs & Puppies - We always have dogs available who needs good homes, and we usually have puppies available as well. It is difficult to capture the heart of an animal in a photograph, so in addition to viewing the animals on this site, we encourage visitors in person.

Cats & Kittens - We always have cats available who need good homes. Unfortunately, grown cats are rarely adopted. Kittens are almost always available in the spring and early summer and occasionally at other times as well. Feel free to come meet our cats and kittens in person.

Last Chance Pets - Unfortunately, due to pet overpopulation and lack of identifying tags on many animals, we always have pets available who have not been reclaimed or adopted by the end of their scheduled time. Often, these pets include full-breed animals, animals with collars (but no identifying tags), young animals, beautiful animals, and animals with the sweetest personalities. 

Other Animals - Sometimes we get other animals besides dogs and cats. In the past, we've had reptiles, birds, pigs, and other farm animals. If we have other non feline/canine animals available, they would be listed on our "Other Animals" page. 

National Pet Search - In order to gain as much national exposure for our animals as possible, we participate in an affiliate program with PetShelter.Net, a website with a national database of pets available for adoption. We display a few of our dogs and cats on this site as well. 

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