Last Chance Pets

IMPORTANT! – Animals listed here are on their last day or two. If you wish to adopt or reclaim any of these animals, please CALL (do not e-mail) the shelter IMMEDIATELY at (770) 467-4772 to arrange for the paperwork to be filled out (in person or by fax) PRIOR to 4:30 p.m. on the animal’s listed date. Once the paperwork has been completed, the animal will be considered adopted, and, if not picked up in a timely manner, a boarding fee may apply. Due to the county ordinance and space limitations, there can be no exceptions. Thank you for understanding and acting promptly.

A18-664 MAGNUS
Primary Breed: SHEPHERD
Secondary Breed: MIX
A19-206 ISRAEL
Primary Breed:
Secondary: MIX
Gender: MALE

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The animals have been given names by the staff at the Spalding County Animal Shelter. These names are not representative of any name an animal may have had in the past or may be given in the future.PLEASE NOTE: The selection of animals we have available changes daily due to several factors.  We have new animals arrive everyday; and animals we have are either adopted or their scheduled time to be available for adoption reaches its end.  For these reasons, this website is updated on a regular basis, usually daily.  However, due to the continuous turnover of animals, please understand there is a possibility the animals you see may not reflect every new arrival or departure at every moment.